Round Crib

The bedding i've been working on. i love how it turned out! i did everything including the sheet. #fb

Oh My has been a busy few weeks of sewing away. A friend of mine is having a baby girl (she’s a little late arriving, good thing to cause i just finished in time for her EDD). When the mama asked me to do her bedding i was so excited! (wouldn’t you be to if you had two boys!) So we pulled out the patterns and we picked out some fun ones from amy butler. Halfway through me starting the sewing mama foud out she was getting a round crib from a friend from church. It was exciting but it ment i had to alter the patterns for the skirt, bumper pads (the crib isn’t as big of as a standard crib Cir. wise). We also had to add a crib sheet (as you can’t buy these in the stores) and curtains for the top of a crib. It was a lot of fun making everything, even if it took a little extra work to make my own patterns and alter patterns. The end result was awesome! & the picture doesn’t do it justice, but here is a peak until i can get better photos. Oh it was so fun to make, and now i have a listing in my etsy shop just incase someone else needs round crib bedding.


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