RiceCrispie Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love rice Crispi treats? gooey, bite size, yummy crunch snack. well I had seen in a magazine with my mom to turn fruity pebbles into cupcakes; frosting and all. So I figured why not try it with rice crispis. Oh they were yummy! I left off the frosting the first time but I think next time around I may add it.

To make them yourselves it’s really simple. Follow your favorite rice Crispi treat recipe, grease or line a cupcake pan, fill it with your rice Crispi mixture and wait a bit.


3 Comments on “RiceCrispie Cupcakes”

  1. Yummy! Rice crisps are a great idea for toppings or covering on cupcakes. I am sick of chocolate maybe I should try this one. Thanks for sharing this creative recipe.

  2. Rose Plated says:

    So creative! Eating this will make sounds of crrruuunnccchhh!!!!!! Lol. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. My kids will surely love these ricecrispie cupcakes.

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