Things i love- August

I’m late again on posting the things i love, so here is what i missed for the month of August…..

A Frock by Friday i already have my fabric bought now i just need to make some room in my schedule to sew.

A summer skirt (Hey i live in SO Cal, summer can last!!!)

Love this little dish, mostly i’m loving the knob and glass topper…

Mini Cloche

A sleep roll (this a project on the burner for the boys next year)


Loving the felt food!!!!

This is another on the back burner for next year, but i love this mini quilt!!!

Oh this globe is so fun!!! where would i put it?

I love making vintage cake stands I wonder if i can fid supplies like these….

oh some yummys that i think i will make….

Ice cream pops & BBQ chicken pizza.

Off to catch up and maybe look through some september posts, start dinner, cut some fabric.


2 Comments on “Things i love- August”

  1. Leslie says:

    those chese domes are hard to come by… but fun to use when you do… 🙂

    and I’ve been wanting to do that to a globe for awhile. SO FUN!

    • domesticday says:

      i’ve been wanting a globe in general for a really long time, our house use to b very travel themed. i like the idea to paint it though. i think it would be cute when i redo the boys room next year.

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