Camping Attire

As my dear friend so kindly put it… It will be that will yell “stop the car there’s a joann’s, Its a camping emergency!” She isn’t far off. I didn’t make my husband stop at the many craft or thrift stores on the way to and from camping or at the giant craft fair in LA, or the antique show i saw from the freeway; But i did make sure to make some pretties for my boys on our very first ever family vacation/camping trip. (I made my husband’s dreams come true by agreeing to go camping). Before we could go the boys each needed some new “camping” hats to keep their ears warm so i got myself Simplicity pattern # 5316 and some flannel.

The hats turned out so cute & they were so easy to make……

I also pulled out a skien of Orange yarn & Blue orange; found a pattern @ lion brand, recruited a friend. & crocheted Levi some booties for the weekend….

So fun!!! What can i craft for our next trip? i know sleep rolls!



2 Comments on “Camping Attire”

  1. Leslie says:

    those hats are INSANELY cute
    I love them. I want to make one for Cade. Just for photos! 🙂

    and the booties.

    oh and the babies.

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