Little loves…

We moved, well we moved back in July actually. To a lovely little duplex with the longest hallway you’ve ever seen, a huge yard, with a big ‘ol tree & grass. We have a big kitchen, pretty windows that are floor to ceiling, & 2 of our very best friends share our only common wall. Its a lovely little home Just perfect for us. I love everything about it, but there are a few parts i love just a bit more than all the rest…

Like the Bay window in my kitchen, & the view into my kitchen from my sitting space in the living room…

The Owl clock (My hubbys grandma gave us) that hangs above my sink…

My pretty Laundry room, (Thank you Leslie for the idea of where to hang my clipboards)

We have a builtin bookcase/fireplace space in our living room. Its the focal point of our living room and i love it. The shelves are full of the boys books, and i love the lovelys displayed…

I Love my sitting space and curling up with crochet blanket my great-grandma made. Its one of a matching pair we have (his and hers).

I love the pass through phone spot in my hall (although i dont know what to do with it yet so its still unphotod.)

I love the view out my boys window as the sun rises through the tree in our yard.

I love our little house, the smells as i cook in my kitchen, the fact that there are always muffins on my table, and the laugher that fills the halls. My little house is a great little house!

3 Comments on “Little loves…”

  1. Michele says:

    Hi, I couldn’t find where to email/contact you…I FORGOT my email in the apron swap…is it too late???
    You can email me directly

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