Family Thrifting

I have been doing a little thrifting with in the family lately. My Grandma use to own 2 houses and then a few years ago condensed into one. as a result she has a ton of stuff and is constantly giving it away. Last week she was cleaning out her table linens and she called me to see if i wanted some napkins she had. They were white with lace, i said sure, and casually mentioned that i was collecting doileys if she had any. That comment turned into 4 giant bags of stuff for me, including crocheted blankets and beadspreads. Some of it ended up going to my mom but some of it made its way to my house…..

I got a stack of white napkins, a giant sifter, some heart doiley’s and lace, an old catholic bible (which is slightly different from the protestant bible, which is now used by catholics), a crocheted blanket which use to be my mother’s beadspread (made by my great grandma), and a crocheted beadspread my great great grandma made for my grandmother. I love it! i love all of it, especially the handmade beadspreads, the history, the detail, the hardwork, so much love in them!

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