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As we are busy preparing around here for the holiday season and birthday season (December is a popular month in our family) there is little time to post, so I thought i would repost a tutorial from last year to help you all get motivated in your own holiday preperations……




3 strips of 1/8 wide fabric

Fiber fill


optional Bell


1) Stitch your three fabric strips into long tubes leaving one short end open to stuff.

2) lay all three tubes on top of each other and stitch them together at the end that is already stitched closed. (stitch about 1/2in from the end off fabric to leave room to close off wreath in the end)

3) Stuff your fabric tubes with Fiber fill, Leave about 1 to 1 1/2 inches at the open end for stitching closed.

4) stitch each tube closed

5) Braid your three tubes together as tight as possible. (as you do this the tubes should start to curve forming the wreath shape, but if not don’t worry)

6) Ones your braid is done, stitch the three ends together jsut as you did in the beginning, leaving the same 1/2inch to inch end (w/no stuffing)

7) stitch your two ends together closing off the wreath circular shape

8) tie a bow over the end of the wreath you just closed off and your done!

Want to add the bell?

That’s no problem….

1) string bell onto desired ribbon, and Tie it in the center over the center tube.


For Mother Holiday signage and wreath ideas head on over to Poppies at Play.



3 Comments on “Archives: Fabric Wreath”

  1. Andy Porter says:

    What a cool idea! I’ve never seen a wreath braided like that before. So clever! Thanks so much for entering the craft contest!


  2. […] already saw the wreath on my door. This Year we have a mantel for decorating so i stitched up a 12 days of christmas […]

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