Christmas Decor

Yes December is usually my month of from blogging or atleast a slow month for me as i spend it busy busy with my son’s birthday and christmas. Needless to say that means a lot of stuff to blog and share with you in January. But before Christmas comes and goes, which it does all to fast, I wanted to share with you some of the christmas decor around our house….

You already saw the wreath on my door. This Year we have a mantel for decorating so i stitched up a 12 days of christmas bunting out of a panel of fabric i got at my favorite fabric store M&L.

I also made 4 new stockings (my style is constantly changing so last years just didn’t cut it). To make the stockings I used scrap fabric from my stash and some 99cent doilies from Joanns. I love them a lot!

I used the extra fabric from the bunting panel & stocking fabric to make a tree skirt

I crocheted up a few of these babies for the ladies in my MOPS group, but i had a few for our house to! I think next year i’m going to put some up in my etsy shop, but if you want to make them youself go here.

Inspired by this beauty….

I made some new christmas card holders..

Four our christmas tea @ church I made this centerpiece a few of its decor has been returned to our treem But the rest still looked great at our christmas table this weekend.

I Love the holiday season, all the merry making & crafting. Its all so joy full. What does your decor look like?



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