Christmas Stockings

In my family stockings were a big deal! They usually contained necessity items like soap. I remember one year my grandma couldn’t find the traditional nuetrogena soap & everyone was beyond upset! As we got older our stocking contained some of our most wanted gifts including gift cards & cash of course, It got to the point where our stockings were special christmas trash & or laundry baskets. Let me tell you we take stocking stuffing seriously!

So this year when it was decided i would host the williams family christmas I knew I had to have stockings for everyone but i wanted to include Harv in the fun. Here is what we did…

1st) We took a paper grocery bag & cut stockings out.

Next) we decorated them with stickers & crayons.

after) I stitched the two sides together

Last) we stuffed and hung them.

It was so much fun to a little craft with Harvey, I’m glad he is finally getting to the age. He loved it and i think everyone enjoyed their gift!


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