Christmas Dress

This year was packed full of Christmas parties. But when we got invited to a formal one at a friends house i knew i had to make my dress and i knew i wanted to make and wear a birdcage veil. I’ve been wanting to for a while and just never had a reason and this was the perfect for it. So i whipped out my Christina Rowley pattern #2406.

For the dress I decided i wanted a 2 tone dress so i picked up some silk for the top and some suiting material for the bottom. The pattern is a single piece so i had to play iwth it a bit to cut out the two pieces. but i cut each right below the slit in the back of the dress which would fall just around the natural waist. I also did not utilize the open back but instead closed it up.

For The veil i started off with this pattern. It wasn’t exactly what i was thinking. It went accross my whole face and i just wanted a litle something off to one side. So i decided to cut it down. It worked perfect! I just cut it in half an used the one half to cover the side of my face.

I was really impressed with everything. well except that the dress needs to be taken in A LOT! apparently i’ve lost more baby weight than i realized this year. All in all though i really liked the dress and was glad to wear something fun out this holiday season!


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