Things I love Nov

Ok so maybe i’m really late!!! But remember the Holidays are just not my blogging time! Obviously more so this year considering i have yet to even photo our handmade christmas gifts!

So November gave me an urge to get out my hooks and crochet, only now they seem to all be missing so i don’t know how much crocheting i will actually do…

I love this blanket from Dottie Angel

And these jars and bunting from her as well.

I love this garland, But knowing me i would want to make the balls and well that would just take hours!

I loving this sweater, but i dont know if its really me. It Probably is, maybe i’ll make it.

Same for the scarf.

Oh and don’t those look yummy? Hmm I think i need to make me some of those this week! I love pumpkin and these sounds like the prefect treat!
And lastly i’m on the hunt for these log/disk things…
so if anyone knows where i can find me some please pass it along, i NEED them for my second born’s birthday party in April! Really this whole table is inspiration for his birthday.
Well Hope you all had a great belated Thanksgiving! 😉 guess i’ll get on the things i love December!

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