Things I love December

Oh December how i love thee, you take away my fall which upsets me, but i love the Christmas season, full of its music and its crafts, and a full full calender which makes for a lot of laughs! (you know tugging around 2 under 2 to 50 bazillion events all you can do is laugh)

Such cute quick and easy things last month that i am loving, i may need to say a day aside and nock them all out at once…


these cute little soaps which can be made for less than a $1.

These freakn amazing bowls!!!

these sweet sweet necklaces which believe me i will be making this week!

I’m loving these gift card pockets for when i give gifts cards.


I love these little houses, but i think I will save this idea for a bunting when i have a little girl someday! But for my Current sweet kiddos i’m thinking these owls, to go with my wilderness themed party…

These sweet slippers and maybe a few other crocheted things for the boys!

My Happy Nursery Quilt

How sweet are those fabrics together, I really want to become a quilter!

Ok and to top of my day of kicking out projects i think i’m gonna make this sweet sweet dessert


Well i’m off to try to plan a day no kids to kick out some projects.

Happy Crafting!


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