Cat Cora

I have started in a new cook book this month in my adventure of cooking my way through my cookbooks. Its called Cooking From the Hip by Cat Cora. I’m really excited about this book. I have cooked from it before and really enjoyed the recipe it was a regular whenever we had company when we were first married. one thing i love about this book is that all the recipes are make ahead possible. She tells you how to store them and how to cook them when you are ready plus they all have short prep times. But when ready they look like exquisite meals. Oh I am so excited!!!!

I decided to start with a pasta with Sweet italian meatballs. I personally am not a spaghetti fan but my boys are so this was a good one. It calls for Sausage which you then peel the skin off of and roll into meatballs. I had more then enough to serve with dinner as well as freeze some for a future meal, which of course makes me happy!

If you can’t tell from the photos, it was a hit!!!! Next recipe a Spinach fetucini with aspargus and artichoke hearts! yum yum!!!!

So are any of you inspired this year to cook through your cookbooks? Besides keeping in touch with me, my mom also found me this blog where a food writer and cookbook author is doing the same. But i’d love to hear your adventures in the kitchen so please share!

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