Handmade for Harvey

I know you all know i am a big fan of handmade gifts. I am especially a fan of them for Kids. I think a lot of kids toys deny them of their imagination. With all the lights, sounds, and educational purposes alot of toys just don’t allow kids to get creative.  My husband agrees and so we try to only purchase gifts that enhance the handmade gifts we plan to make, most of which require imagination.

Our oldest is 2 this year and my mind was going with all the things we could do for him. He is at a face where is learning everything and loves playing!!!! We bought him a camera as he is obsessed with ours and i made him a strap for it. We had plans to build an easel for him but instead opted for the $14 IKEA one and instead sewed him up a smock.

Then daddy got in on the planning and he decided his son needed a work bench! our wheels were turning with all the ways we could build one but settled on repurpsoing a small ikea like (purchased from target) table we had on hand……

I love the way it turned out and the boys are really enjoying playing with all their tools.

If you want to make your own its pretty simple. All we did was attach some peg board to our existing table. no painting no sanding nothing but a couple brackets! Easy as pie!

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