Handmade for Levi

Levi was my challange this year. He is exactly big enough to play with all the things his brother does (well he thinks he is but I am wishing he doesn’t); He is also to big for a lot of baby stuff; and then of course i had the challange of all this stuff that would be perfect for him we have already from Harvey last year. So for him I made PJ pants as usual (they did not fit a story for another day!) But from there i was at a loss of what to make so i decided on this stuffed elephant i had a pattern for and had been wanting to attempt for a while. The idea of sewing a stuffed animal kinda scared me. I dont know why the first project i ever made was in second grade and it was a stuffed bunny but it was more like a pillow, this thing is like a real stuffed animal with lots of pieces and 2 dimensions. Scary stuff! But i am always up for a challange so i decided to make the baby elephant of the pattern and only that, i didn’t want over extend my self if it didn’t turn out or was truly as difficult as i feared it to be. So i cut out my pecies, stiched it together, and what do you know! its pretty dang easy!!! If sewing felt food or play animals scares you i am here to tell you its easy i promise!!! and to prove it when i told my friend Leslie who refuses to sew with patterns cause they intimidate her what i did she said “oh i made that it was easy!” So there you have!!!



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