This is a pictureless post cause well we so don’t need a picture of my failure! Since i share all my successes at sewing I wanted to share a failure to. Failures are good they remind us we are human. This failure was one of those put me in my place ones. See every year i make PJ pants for my boys. They are simple, the pattern is easy, infact i don’t even bother with a pattern. I just use our existing pants as a template. So i bought my fabric this year and that is where the good ended!

I cut out the boys’ pants, ok good. then i go to cut out daddy’s who decides he wants pants instead of shorts, i dont have enough. 😦 but i decide to piece together some of the scraps to make the pants, it will just leave a seam ok not to bad. So i stitch. Fail #1 somehow i stitched the legs all together in one seam so its more of a skirt. Seam ripper does its job. Try again they are pants! sew my casing thread my elastic sew up the hole, hold them up, and fail #2 the waist is do small. Duh sherrie if your going to use elastic pants as your template remember that when not on the body they are intended to fit the waist is going to be smaller than the actuall waist. Seam ripper goes back to work, per my husband’s suggestion butt panel added! and Fail #3 the lines of the plaid do not line up. oh well no one will see these things!!!

sew up the boys pants all is good.

Now comes christmas eve time to get ready for bed and here is fail #4 and #5 i sewed these pants 2 months before christmas and everyone has grown!! neither kid fits their pants and levi barely fits Harvey’s. good thing Grandma bought PJS for christmas!

My husbands of course fit him so he decided to wear them about 3 hours later Fail #6 the seam i stitched twice ripped!!!!!

Yes my christmas PJ Pants were an utter failure this year!!!! oh well, lesson learned get a pattern and don’t be cocky!


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