The Blue/Brown Dress

I have been a sewing Maniac this month. January is always the month i sew for me and with 2 saturdays set aside just for sewing with no kids i have just about made it through my fabric stash with great success!!! Yipeee!!!!

That means lots to photograph, which will be hard since my good camera brooke 😦 !! But none the less i’m excited and will show it all off; mostly i’m excited becuase it means i can move onto 2 big projects i have been wanting to work on but didn’t want to start until my stash was done. (more on those later).

Ok so the dress above i’m loving!!! Its a pattern i used before, Simplicity 3964 Built by Wendy. The fabric is this grey blue color with brown running through it. I wish it would photo better so you could all see it. In the end i love the dress, it will be a regular in my closet i’m sure!

Oh and if you like my rainboots go here.. its a great cause a one for one cause similar to Toms Shoes!


2 Comments on “The Blue/Brown Dress”

  1. That’s a nice pattern. I haven’t made myself a dress in years (literally) but current prices are making me inspired to sew. I will have a look at Simplicity patterns because I like this one.

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