The Navy dress

I am really excited about this new dress, i’m hoping to wear it this summer when my hubby and i get to sneak away for a few days and head up to San Fran to see one of his sketchbooks in a museum!

Anyway the fabric i had picked up from my favorite little discount fabric store in Anaheim, i bought 2 yards not really knowing what i would do with it; but i fell in love with the nave stripe. When i came home with my new Cynthia Rowley pattern (Simplicity 2250) I knew that fabric and this new pattern were made for eachother!

It took a little playing with the fabric, as really i needed like another 1/4 yard or so but i was able to do it, i got all the pieces cut that i needed! Sewing it together also took a bit of focus. I had to rip out a few seams more than once becuase i sewed in the wrong spot, and i think a couple darts should have been pleats or vice versa, i dont know. Either way if you sew it be prepared to pay attention and to know that it can be a bit confusing as the boddice is made up of several pieces that don’t look like they fit together until its all done!

In the end i love the finished product! It is a really cute dress! perfect for spring/summer fun. I can just imagine making it again in a shear pink with little cozy grey wrap (also in the pattern) a cute little ballerina outfit for sure!


2 Comments on “The Navy dress”

  1. Del says:

    This is adorable! Definitely going to have to try this pattern! Also, I’m very much addicted to M&L since you mentioned it previously.

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