Quilt Laptop pocket

I am in love with the Laptop Pocket in One Yard Wonders. Its quilted and beautiful!! Awe the thought of it melts my heart. So I decided my lap top needed its own pocket. Mine didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as the one in the book, but I love it none the less. I used the scraps from the bedding I had been sewing for all the little girls being born. Beautiful fabric might I add! I love the quilted look and I love how all these fabrics fit together. I paired it with some left over mustard fabric I had, I wish I had quilted it a bit more on the outside but I used what I had. next time I know bigger quilt squares to cover more space or smaller ones and more of them! somehow, not sure how, my pocket got a bit off-center also but again that’s ok I don’t expect it to be my carry bag just to add a little protection for my lap top when it’s on my desk or in my bag.


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