Happy Easter

Ok so Easter is a few days past, but you all know i’ve been busy. If you don’t know that see here! Over the next few weeks i will finish sharing all those projects sewn over those blissful 2 days of time to myself. But i wanted to take a bit to share about the easter craftyness around here.

Starting with our easter decor…….

Of course upon entering our home you are greated with our easter wreath

The whole thing cost about a $1. The $1 of course was the cost of the wreath itself purchased at dollar tree. I then covered it with yarn and lace i had on hand. The nest was a project i made 2 years ago with my this lovely lady and had yet to have found a use for it. and the eggs were made out of some extra clay i had on hand. Wrapping the yarn to the longest but all in all it was a simple project!

On the Mantel of course is our Easter Advent which i shared about last year. You can read here on how to make your own. I had intended to cover the eggs this year with something more appealing but didn’t get that far, oh well maybe next year!

And the last little bit of easter decor is my spring bunting, which i made our the spring crafternoon, that I co-hosted with that lovely friend i introduced earlier. (I’ll share more about that later)

What do your homes look this Easter?

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