Easter Crafting

Easter would not be complete without a few easter crafts for my boy. He loves painting so we went that and i planned 3 different projects for him. The first we did two weeks before easter… We made those “stained glass” pieces we all made as kids. He loved them!!! He had so much fun painting them, and then we gave them each as a gift to the grandparents. Total cost of craft $1!!!! (a 4 pack was purchased at dollar tree!)

Then last week we got to work on our easter eggs. I wasn’t likeing the idea of dying eggs but i had some plastic ones so my hubby primered them and my little man got to painting them with both the left over acrylic paint from the above project and with his dot paints. He had so much fun, almost everyday since then he has asked to paint eggs!

While we had the paints out and were talking about easter is, i pulled out a cross for him to paint (again total cost $1 every penny of which went to the cross itself). He painted it and then presented it to daddy as an Easter gift.

Overall my little man had so much doing up his easter eggs and crafts! And i had a blast watching him, and talking about easter is. To add to my fun i added one little craft/project for myself that was kind of fun. I stuffed some eggs and mailed them out on behalf of my little man to his friends. Hopefully they make it to their destinations, i added extra postage just incase. But i realized after they were in the mailbox, no return address and i forgot the note inside saying who they were from. OOOPS!!!

I stole the idea from this Wonderful Lady! I sure hope mine are as much of a hit as hers were! if not there is always next year!

Well happy Easter! Now back to my To Do list!!!!

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