Around here owls are reffered to as Ouwelies as in ouch i’m hurt combined with Owl. It is really cute i love to hear Harv say owl. Which is often because i love owls!!!! I have lots of little owls all around my house, most recently however i sewed Levi a little owl for his birthday along with a pair of matching PJ Pants.

The alphabet fabric i fell in love with at my favorite fabric store in Orange county and had to buy it not knowing what to do with it. When my first sewing Saturday of the year was upon me I knew i wanted to sew that fabric into something special.

My hubby drew the owl shape for me and i cut the pieces. When I was done I had some pretty large scraps still so i decided to stitch up Amy Butler’s PJ pants form her Kimono PJ set. They turned out really cute!

He is not so into the stuffed animals yet, but he seems to be comfy in his pants! (he is curled up in his bed in them now!)

Happy Birthday my sweet levi, I hope you love your gift.

p.s. Soon i will share all the details of his camping party in April (so much fun stuff i made) but until then check out our friend Brent who photographed the day for us!

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