Car Seat Cover

Inspired by this beautiful mama I decided to try my hand at making my own car seat cover for this baby. I am not a huge fan of the ones that just go right over the seat, so i was excited when she post her how to on how she used her existing cover to make a new one.

She made it look so easy! But I struggled a bit. It took a long time to rip the seams out, and in some places to get my stitching right. there are still a lot of mistakes that i can see. So don’t look to closely or you might see them to! And i still have to do the sun cover. But for so far i like it!

Plus how comfy does it look to sit in!!!


3 Comments on “Car Seat Cover”

  1. Leslie says:

    fabric… where did you get that.. Im doing a navy and white elephant shower… need some!!!

  2. nice infant seat covers, my company doesnt make those but we should. lots of requests for them. i should like you on my site so my customers can go to you!

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