Baby Clothes

Oh i just love little baby clothes and as we near October I am getting more excited about those little pieces of cloth. As a result i have an urge to make some myself. We have a ton of teeshirts from myself and my hubby and i have been wanting to repurpose them into baby clothes so i figued Go for it! I printed Carrie’s (of This Mama Makes Stuff) Sleep sack pattern and got to work! I am loving the finished product. Carrie said if i bug her she will update the pattern like she has been wanting so that it will have cuffs and be a bit longer so it will fit longer! I plan to do that since my sleep sack hating husband and I actually like this sleep sack, a FIRST for us!

On a side note the shirt i used here is one of mine, its from the mission trip i took where i met my darling husband. I figured that was a good shirt for baby, both smell wise as babies are comforted by their mothers’ smell and for the history of the shirt.

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