Library Bag

When i was a kid i use to carry around my moms old book bag. it was a simple denim bag lined in gingham with her name on the front in reverse applique. and i loved it! i still have it actually and its in great condition. I really wanted to make one for Harvey but I wanted the project to be quick and simple and all about him. So since he loves to color i thought i would do a canvas bag he could color on. for a lot less money (why are canvas bags so expensive?) I ended up with a fun and simple bag that was cheap enough that we could update it as he gets older. The muslin was the last of my stash, and he colored with his “Special markers” some fabric markers we got in the Kids Camp section @ Joanns. and i stitched it to a simple $1 market bag we found in that same section. I love the way it turned out! and I can’t wait to take him to go get his first library card and start checking out books!

p.s. for those perfectionists out there you could do cleaner edges on your fabric, or make the bag yourself and have your color panel be the whole front panel. I liked the zig zag edge withe the cut fabric it seem to make it more boy/child like to me. 🙂


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