Summer Art Camp

I’ve been doing a little less creating the last couple of weeks and Harvey has been doing a lot more creating. 🙂 Boy does this kid love paint!!! Last week He and I did a mommy and me art camp, taught by our dear friend. What a fun week, messy shirts, water color tag, racing cars in paint, playing with shaving cream, clay, self portraits and full of stories. Harvey’s favorite part? He’ll tell you the books; but i say it was washing his hands. 🙂 He loved getting messy but more then that he loved playing in the water buckets. He would intentionally dip his hands in the paint just to go wash them off. It was funny. His favorite project seemed to be the self portraits he liked looking at himself in the mirror. His least favorite seemed to the skateboard project he had no interest in laying down on a skate board and putting down hand prints on the paper but eventually we got him to atleast sit on the board and try it. He ended up going back again and again until we realized he was doing it just to wash his hands.  it was a good week, thank you leslie for having us!!!

Messy art camp


At the end of the week the kids had a little Gallery showing, I got to see the set up but we had to miss it as my hubby and I were headed to San Fran for his own gallery showing he was part of. All in all it was a great week and we crossed a lot of projects of our summer bucket list!


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