Grilled Mac N’ Cheese

My most favorite apetizer, which was only found at TGIFridays and has sense been pulled from the menu, were these mac N’ cheese balls. They were to Die for! So when i saw this idea on pinterest i knew i had to try it. My husband, i must admit, was shocked! His exact words “this recipe doesn’t sound like something you’d eat!” None the less it was delicious!!!!! He of course did the actual cooking being my grilled cheese pro. He used my homemade mac n’ cheese recipe (Which mind you takes about 10 min possibly less, so its just as easy as boxed and way better!) and then sliced a couple pieces of cheese on each slice of bread to help it all stick together and like magic we had some amazing sandwiches!!! Seriously go try it yourself!! Go now!!!



2 Comments on “Grilled Mac N’ Cheese”

  1. Christine says:

    That looks ridiculous! I’m soo trying that!!!

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