Baby Elijah- a call from God and a Chance to win

A dear friend of ours has a sweet family staying with her for an open ended amount of time while they (from NY) adopt a baby here in CA. Its a crazy story about a family answering a call from God. The whole thing has been touching our friends lives, their friends lives, and well of course this family’s life. The end of the story will bring God glory and give a sweet little boy the family he deserves but the journey is and will be tough so i wanted take a chance to share it with all of you. You can read about my sweet friend and the crazy Godliness of last week on her blog. And you can read about the family on theirs. and if you feel so compelled there is a place on their blog to donate to help bring Elijah home. Please friends keep this family and the health of this baby in your prayers as they take this journey!


If you donate any amount to their paypal account this week and mention Leslie Autum Photography you will be entered for a chance to win a free photo shoot in So Cal with Leslie herself!


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