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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. ~ Ginny Yarn Along host.

Crafting has very much taken a back seat these last few weeks as we have moved twice! Aww but we are finally settled atleast for a few months then who knows God may have something up his sleeve. Until then we are settled and settling back into a normal routine. Ahhhhhh big sigh of rest! Since there are no boxes to pack or unpack i’ve had time to sit and rest and with no internet for hulu watching i have been busy plowing through books i’ve started this year plus ones on my to read list so much so i’ve finished 4 books this week alone!!!

I’ve finished in order Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony and Rob Bell’s Love Wins. Both i enjoyed a great deal! If you have kids i highly highly highly reccomend spiritual parenting, i actually took her class a few years ago and loved it and the book was pretty much word for word but it was a great reminder of everything i had learned. Its full of great tips for parents and great an environment in your home for your kids to grow up believers. Love Wins is super controversial right now, Well i guess Rob Bell is in general from what my husband tells me. We read it together (he reads a chapter on his time i read the same on mine time and then we chat about it) because we want to see for ourselves what Rob Bell had to say and make our own informed decision. Turns out he didn’t put anything out there that we hadn’t already heard before. But before i get on a soap box i’ll stop there you can check my intentional Motherhood blog over the next few weeks for more thoughts on that book if you desire! (actually i posted on once before already)

I also started and finished two other books… Home Grown Kids and a biogrpahy of Susanna Wesley. Home Grown Kids was an awesome read as we are getting into homeschooling and it basically covers kids aged 0-9 and the type of education they should be doing at each age. It gave some great tips, had some recipes for some homemade art supplies like paint which we will be testing. It also gave some great satistics and study based information on the difference between kids of stay at home kids vs preschool kids and homeschooled vs early educated kids. Even if you don’t plan to homeschool it was a good read to understand your child’s development a little better at that age when it comes to learning. The second was a short little 55 page read that was written in the 1960s which  I loved! It was of no purpose other then to entertain myself where all my other books lately i’ve read for a reason. This one i just wanted to know more about this amazing lady who mothered the founders of the methodist church and who is said to have put her apron over her head at sit at the kitchen table just to get a few minutes in with God! I love it!!!! my aprons have a whole new purpose! She is really an inspiring lady and seems to really fit the proverbs 31 mold of a Godly woman!

Which leads me into the last book on my list for the week which is my ongoing one as its a 90 study and that is “Becoming the woman God wants me to be”. I’m on day 50 something and loving every minute of it! I highly suggest it for all you homemakers, most of the tasks in it are things i already do in my home so they were more affirming then anything but there a few things that inspired change for me. Speaking of change, did I mention i finished One thousand Gifts (the book i’ve been posting about reading) if you have not read it go read it!!!!! so so so good, totally changing me!!!!

Where is the crafting you wonder if i’m doing all this reading? Well like i said its not been much, but i have gotten to spend a few minutes with my blanket project. I’ve got 20 more rows and 1 column until i will be done with the body of the blanket! this column is taking me a while as i’m counting every single stitch in the blanket. I got distracted on a few parts and so now i’m trying to even things out. its looking good and for my first blanket and crochet project of this size i don’t think you can realy see the errors i made the correction is more for my own satisfaction then anything. But its coming right along and i’m loving it. I have a minimum of 3 weeks until baby #3 gets here so my goal is to have it done by the time he arrives but we shall see how that goes. I have a few sewing projects that have come up in the last couple days and they be occupying all my free time the next couple of weeks. We shall see!

Well off to spend a few minutes on my blanket before i fall asleep. Please remember to go check out simple things and the other yarn along ladies, see what they are reading and what their latest and greatest yarn projects are. and leave a comment here and there letting us know what you are up to!

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