Sweet Orange Veggies

ok I love fall! I especially love pumpkins! My hubby however loves loves loves Carrot cake more then anything pumpkin i could make. So on my first morning alone with 3 ( as if that doesnt sound challanging enough! It wasn’t as hard as it sounds!) I strapped baby 3 on me in his sling, got out the mixer & made yummy dessert for us both!

First I made these 2 ingredient pumpkin cupcakes. Oh my are they yummy even without cream cheese frosting! (in fact of the batch i only had one frosted & everyone else ate theirs plane. The recipe is from Sweet Verbena.

Pinned Image(photo via pinterest/ pinned from Sweet verbena)

While those baked I got this carrot cake started in my crock pot. Again one that was so yummy it got eaten without frosting!

Pinned Image

(photo via pinterest, pinned from Diary of a stay at home mom)

Theres more pumpkin coming my way (and yours) but until i can either cook & puree mine or by some cans i’m back to snuggling my sweet sweet baby #3!



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