The Oven Is Hot

I’ve been busy cooking but let me tell you the recipes have been so good they get eaten before i realize i didn’t take a photo of them. 😦 probably for the better though as my iphoto doesn’t seem to be working properly.

Anyway yes i’ve been cooking, we had meals brought to us for a few weeks, thats over now and I am back to cooking pretty much full time. I am sticking so far with quick and easy recipes i find on pinterest (i do plan to get back to cooking through my cookbooks, a goal i started this time time last year).

I’ve made some zucchini muffins that my kids loved!!!

zucchini muffins

Some Pumpking pudding or crustless pumpkin pie. Its made in the corckpot, it was easy, smelled amazing, and tasted just as good!

CrockPot Pumpkin pudding (crustless pumpkin pie) AMAZING!

On Halloween i made a hot cocoa cake in my crock pot. again AMAZING!

Hot cocoa cake in a slow cooker! Imagine coming home to this in the slow cooker!

and last night for dinner i made an amazing lasagna, again in my crock-pot! (If you make it i suggest doubling the ricotta like i did, its a lot of spinach and little cheese)
Slow-Cooker Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna With Romaine Salad

Did you notice how much use my crock-pot is getting? That is becaused i pinned this awesome post with a ton of good desserts to make in it. There are a few more on the schedule for the upcoming weeks. Check it out and i’ll report back soon on a the rest i plan to cook!


********My poor camera is probably feeling very unloved sitting in its case on the shelf unused. Instead all photos in this post are copied from pinterest and are linked directly to the post/Source*********


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