Yarn Along


It’s been a while since I have done much crafting or contributing to Ginny’s Yarn Along. But I am excited to do both this week!

I want something quick and easy to make, Oli needed something all his own, His tiny feet don’t feet the booties I crocheted for Levi last year, and well its freezing in sunny southern california! So my project or projects as it were for the week a beanie and booties! The booties are my favorite lion brand pattern. I didn’t make them as tall, which I kinda like; they turned out cute! His beanie was a bit intimidating. Truth me told I have only successfully ever made 3 beanies and I made them 2 years ago! the other 900 attempts were fails! (Beanie #1, and Beanie #3). Anyway so like I said I was really nervous to make it; I searched for a pattern I liked for a baby ( I don’t like a lot of baby stuff out there) and then went for it. This is the pattern I found. It ended with 60 stitches around which ended up being to big, so I reduced a bit instead of ripping it out, but you can’t really tell. Anyway I like it! and it fits him look how cute is it…..

The books I’m enjoying. Created to be his Help Meet I’ve read before, but its one of those I think is good to reread, always good reminders, and always something new that sticks out. The other one bittersweet I am loving. I read Cold tangerines last month by the same author didn’t love it that much I read it right after 1000 gifts and it just didn’t have the same weight. But Bittersweet I’m really enjoying! It resonates a lot and its an easy read!

Well that’s pretty much all that consumes my free time right… a tiny bit or reading and crocheting. The rest is still spent on that little guy, i forget how much of my day is really spent, these newborns sure sleep a lot, but not necessarily at the same times as the older two. 🙂

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