Cooking Fails

I believe in sharing both fails and successes, that said are you ready for my recent fails. I have failed more times in the last week then i have had in all the years i’ve been married. 😦 But here they are, i don’t think its necessarily the recipes they just for some reason or another didn’t work in my kitchen. Could be oven temp, could be the fact i tried to turn a stove recipe into a crock pot one becuase the original pinner marked it as such, could be i just got coky. Who knows but my kitchen sure put me in my place last week. So here are the recipes that failed me, have you tried them? Do you have thoughts?

First there was the vegi cheddar chowder which i tried to do on low in my slow cooker, no such luck it didn’t turn out like chowder at all!

Pinned Image


Then there were the apple chips. Mine burnt and I only had them in the oven an hour and half and the recipe calls for 2!

Pinned Image

the last was a baked Oatmeal. It turned out but the kids didn’t like it. 😦 I used a pumpkin puree maybe i’ll try it again with a different sweetner, but i think the problem was the  oatmeal my kids take after me and we don’t like oatmeal!

Well those are my fails! Now back to my successes!


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