Food Success

Despite my fails last week, I have had a few success in the last couple of weeks, and since cooking seems to be about all i’ve been up to lately i of course want to share with all of you….

Pinned Image

Pull apart bread

Pinned Image

Slow cooker Hot chocolate (AMAZING!!!!!)

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Lara Bars

Pinned Image

Brocoli chicken

Pinned Image

chicken Noodle Soup in the slow cooker

Pinned Image

Apple pie (i made it as a pie, and i wrapped it one giant pie crust, i also used cinnamon rolls as the crust [now that was good! I think in the future i’m gonna add apple bits to cinnamon rolls like people do with those yucky raisens.] )

and the last success was this amazing chicken! I ate mine in a burrito but my hubby ate it with rice, oh man was it good!

Pinned Image

Well those are the sucesses, My slow cooker has been getting a lot of rest, but now its cooking some split pea soup i’ll let you know how that goes!

Curious about what else i plan to cook, you can always follow my ever revolving Pinterest board… “This week’s Meals


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