Baking away

I was blessed with two helpers (on their christmas break) here to play with my 3 kids last week which gave me about 4 hours to check of a few want to’s in my kitchen and so i did just that! I pulled up my pinterest this week’s meals boards and moved some items to the things i’ve cooked list.

I whipped up some Oreo Truffles with white chocolate on the outside.

oreo truffles (no baking!)

and blueberry muffins

Yummy! I hope this is a good recipe. Looks delish!

I even did up 3 rolls of slice and bake cooke dough

Slice & bake freezer cookie recipes.  You can have homemade cookie dough on hand at all times. Great idea!

I also was able to make some pie crusts from an old martha stewart recipe to have on hand in the freezer for when i need them. It was a successful day! All three recipes were very simple and easy if you have a 10 in your day i suggest using it to make one up yourself!


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