Cooking Cooking Cooking


My new kitchen time got broken in good today! I spent 6 hours in my kitchen today being a busy little cooking bee. I made some very yummy recipes, filled my freezer with a few recipes to enjoy all year long.

I made some pinterest newbies…

A Pumpkin cinnamon roll Sheet cake 

and I have a dish of  No-Knead pumpkin rolls in my fridge and freezer to bake up starting saturday morning.

I made some Oreo truffles  the same kind i made last week, so yumm and so easy!!!

and since I had the time i cooked up two of my all time favorite recipes. The first is a cookie recipe my grandma makes for us every christmas its a mocha log. (our recipe is slightly different  its more like this one and we use an electric cookie press so ours look like a press cookie dipped in chocolate. But that link gives you the idea.)

Then with my husbands help with the pasta machine (it really takes two people to use that thing!) I whipped up some home made ravioli. 6 Dozen to be exact!

At the end of the day my back hurt, and my kitchen was covered in flour!

But you know what, Days like this spent making yummy food for my family to enjoy are worth it! Plus nothing can beat the tast of a home cooked meal!


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