Christmas Trifle

Inspired by this pretty Red Velvet Trifle I decided to make my own for Christmas dessert. I had intended to follow the recipe exact with the exception of replacing the chocolate ganache with chocolate pudding. Well and i used boxed red velvet cake! But I was in a hurry and didn’t pay attention and ended up altering the recipe, i didn’t realize it until later that evening after everyone had eaten and fallen in love with my dessert.  So here is mine…



1 box red velvet cake (follow ingredients on box)

1 pkg cool whip

1 box cook and serve chocolate pudding

chocolate chips to taste.


Cook box of cake according to the box in a rectangular cake pan or baking dish.

While cake is cooling cook up cook and serve pudding and place in fridge to cool (you could sub with instant pudding if you like, either way i suggest letting it cool and thicken either way)

Once all is cooled cut into squares.


First layer is squares of cake, top with chocolate pudding and then cool whip.

Repeat until you reach the top of your Trifle dish ending with cool whip. (for me this was 2 layers)

Garnish the top with cake crumbles and chocolate chips.

ENJOY! It was very yummy!


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