Project 366 (Day 1)

Well its a new year and time to start new things right? My big project for the year is something i’m participating in and so can you. Its called Project 2012 and it can be done as project 52 (a photo a week) or project 366 (a photo a day) or any variation there of. I’ve decided to do project 366, I figured if i post something everyday that will be easier then trying to remember to do it weekly or monthly. I learned my lesson with that last year with trying to do 11 on 11 i think i made it through one month. 🙂 Well the year has begun and i’ve already posted 2 photos. I plan to show them here i hope to update weekly (maybe it will be my wordless wednesday post) but just incase you can always check out my twitter. If you want to join in on the phone here‘s where you need to go! And to see the other participants check out the flicker group!

Well here are my Day 1 and Day 2…..

Day 1- Happy New year!

Day 2- Lunch with the hubby!


Happy Shooting!


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