Pretty and Practical

Its January time to jump on all those things we WANT to do this year. Like be nicer, eat healthier, be more balanced, and of course complete projects! With all that ahead of her a sweet friend decided she was going to use the momentum of January and complete some desired tasks in her home. To keep herself going she decided to make a game of it in the month of January and as invited her readers to join her. I’m participating and am no inviting you to join in as well! It’s called Pretty Vs. Practical and this is how it works…

If I accomplish a task that pretties up the house I get a point. +1.
If I accomplish a task that practicals up the home I get a point +1.
If I do a task that both pretties and practicals up the house I get +3.

If I do a task that does either task, and it costs zero money I get +1.

So get up and get going…. BUT before you do here is my first project….
Rain gutter shelves!!!
I was trying to figure out a way to hang the Alphabet letters we got from Oliver’s baby shower a few months ago. I want to get the ones we have up on the wall but wanted to be able to slowly finish off the alphabet and not rush out and get all 26 letters. So i decided shelves would be best, plus it would make it easier as some of these are rather fragile and I’m scared to hang them. So i sent my hubby to the store and he picked up 1 10ft rain gutter, which the cut in half, and some brakets and in 15 minutes we had 2 shelves hung on the wall and my alphabet was displayed.
According the game that is 3 points for me. However i’ve decided that since the task has been waiting for like 5 months to get done i deserve an extra point for finally completing it. That’s fair right? 😉
So what projects are on your list this month?
Pretty Vs. Practical Total Points: 3
(Graphic from Leslie Autum)

One Comment on “Pretty and Practical”

  1. Leslie says:

    way to go Sherrie, and you snag that extra point. I love it. First giveaway for it is coming on the 15th.

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