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I’m having so much fun with the Pretty and Practical challenge i thought i would do my own month long event. It’s gonna be called Pinterest Party (that takes you to the projects i’m thinking of making) anyway the party will last for the month of february. I’m telling you all now so you can get planning and start pinning!

There will be a points element…

1 point for each task you accomplish that you’ve pinned. Cook it, sew it, crochet it, craft it, print it; I don’t care just if you see it on pinterest and you like it i suggest go create it and give yourself a point for doing so!

Simple huh?

The Prize- you’ll feel accomplished!

Blog it and Link up? There may be something in it for you!

Meanwhile i’ll be pinning and creating myself and of course sharing them with you!

But the best part of the month will be my Pin it and Win it contest. The whole month i’ll be running a contest the prize is still to be deteremined and you will see why…. Here is how it will work….If you see something on my blog you like you just need to pin the page. Then at the end of the month i will randomly generate a winner and they will win the prize, it could be something they pinned or it could be something else i have in the works. We’ll see, but i promise whatever it is you’ll love it and really how easy is that, All you have to do is pin what you see here! The more you pin the more chances you’ll have to win!

Happy Pinning! I’m off to start planning my in home pinterest party at the end of the month!


One Comment on “Pinterest Party”

  1. Super idea! I saw this the other day, thought “I NEED to do this” and then totally forgot which blog I saw it on. I’ve been going through my normal blogs trying desperately to find this post again, and thank goodness I finally did tonight! I’m all set up with a brand new Pinterest Project Party board on my account, complete with 29 (one pin for each day of the month of Feb) projects/recipes/misc. items to finally get done. I’m super pumped!!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration – I’m lreally ooking forward to this!

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