Pretty and Practical #4

Its the 31st and time to wrap up the Pretty and Practical before February’s Pinterest Party. I have a couple projects to finish up tonight when my hubby gets home such as….

Hanging some little mailboxes i got

kid's mailbox. Wanted this so bad as a kid. totally gonna do it for my kids!

and in the next week or so we are gonna make this guy (Our saturdays flew by us!)

Love it!!! I want it!!!

and i need to go pick up a cupboard organizer for some of the snacky things we buy, an idea inspired by this…

i like those containers the potatoes are in

and i’m hoping i can get him to do this to a book i have…

Make your very own iPhone Charging Dock that will take the place of that ugly white cord lying across your nightstand.

We’ll see if i make it that far tonight! And if so i’ll update you on my final Score but as of now this is where i stand…

Yarn/pipe cleaner letter, A height ruler for the boys, and my Perpetual Calender. I Also finished my 2012 Bucket List (Jar on the left, more on it later!)

I also made an “I love you because” board and the little frame on the bottom is a Chore chart for Harvey with photos of each chore using Instax film.

I also bought baskets to organize my fridge plus a lazy susan for it also.

all that gives me a total of : 19 points for those projects (most of them were free! wahoo!)

So total pretty and practical points: 44


*** Update, Nothing got finished last night as hoped, Final poibts : 44****


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