Party Time!

Yesterday was Launch of my pinterest party month. I started it off with a pinterest party with friends from church. 3 hours of no kids, a yummy lunch and crafts!

It started out to be 3 crafts… an apothecary jar, a tinted masson jar and a scarf. But then i worried that the jars would go so fast that there would be so much down time. So i pulled out the etching cream and some coffee mugs with chalk board paint, oh and some scrap fabric for headbands just in case! (ok so i went from not enough to fill time to overly ambitious) But Hey we still had fun and how was i to know the girls who came were AMAZING perfectionists (unlike myself, all though sometimes i aspire to be that detailed).

We did have fun though! These are the pinterest links to the projects that inspired what we made and the food we ate if you are intersted in any of them….

T-shirt yarn woven into headbands. Too cute!

chalkboard mugs DIY

Glue dollar store glasses onto candlesticks = Apothecary jars

T-shirt scarf tutorial

How to make Infinity Scarves. So great.

color glass jars with mod podge and food coloring.

glass jars turned vintage
The tutorial is here:

Glass Etching

Easy peasy glass etching tutorial (you can reuse the etching cream!)

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

quinoa salad

oreo truffles (no baking!)

What do you have up your sleeve this month?



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