Pinterest Party- Mustard Cord

I put a too big for me mustard cord skirt to work for me today and finished two pinned crafts…. a pair of toms shoes recovers and a little pocket to keep my journal and calendar together in my diaper bag….

I’m really excited i’ve been wanting to do both for a while and am really glad i took the time to do it today.

This is the tutorial i used for the shoes. I was going to cover just the toes like she did but the grey had faded so badly it was not pretty! so i went with covering the whole shoe instead.

Toms shoes makeover design

and here is the tutorial i used to inspire my little pocket book.

I like this little cloth pocket, i'm thinking it would be good to slip my calender and journal in since i almost always have both in my bag anyway. this way they'd be together.

Pinterest party points for me: 2 for today + 5 from the party = 7 pinterest party points for me!

What about you its the 7th of the month how many points have you earned?


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