My 1st crochet pattern!


Who knew i would ever come up with my own pattern for crochet? I’ve designed my own stuff for sewing before but frankly i’m just now a professional crocheter, i’m not even beginner, is there something below beginner? Ok well maybe i’m atleast beginner i have been doing it for like almost 20 years but i’ve never really gotten past basic steps and you’ve all seen my failures of beanies.

Ok let’s not dwell! right? i mean after all i did just design my own bow!!!

Ok here is the pattern if you want to do it yourself…

you can choose any yarn and any hook size you like! My favorite is a J hook and i’m not sure the yarn i used because it was scrap yarn i had and i no longer had the paper on it.

row 1: Chain 20

Row 2: Single stitch into each chain

Row 3: repeat, close off

Row 4: using second yarn single stitch into each previous stitich

Row 5: Single stitch into the backs of each of the previous stitch

Row 6 & 7: close off and swith back to color 1 then repeat rows 4 and 5

Rows 8 & 9: repeat with color 2

Rows 10 & 11 repeat with color 1

Rows 12 & 13:  repeat with color 2

Rows 14 & 15: repeat with color 1

Row 16: i don’t know if this is a legit crochet thing but i chain stitched into each stitch. i liked the look 🙂

and there you have it!

questions ask away! like i said i’m not really much more then a beginner so this may make no sense at all.  I’m ok with the questions you won’t offend me!



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