Kitchen pretty!

My husband has been asking me for 5 years if we could have cushions on our chairs and for 5 years i’ve been pushing him off, i’m not a fan of the kind you tie on, plus i hadn’t found fabric i liked, and really i wasn’t sure even if i did how i would cover them in a way i liked. But then thanks to pinterest i saw this great idea to cover them with oil cloth!!!! Why didn’t i think of that?

So i did it i found some oil cloth i loved bought way to much! (some became a table cloth) and away my hubby went with a staple gun. 🙂 yup you read that right my sweet hubby did most of the hardwork. This is his wish afterall!

I love them!!!!

And to add to our new kitchen my dad gifted us this pretty awesome curb find….

We need to get some knobs still but i love it!!



One Comment on “Kitchen pretty!”

  1. Val says:

    Chairs look good. Dresser too. !

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