Do you use Instagram?

I do and i love it! But there are so many other companies and apps that have played off it. I wanted to share two of my favorites! the first is called Instagrid. I love it cause one thing i hate about instagram is there is no way for me to see my pics unless i have posted them to twitter/facebook which i don’t always day. Its so awesome! I love it!!!!

But more than that i love Instapparel!

Here is the shirt my hubby designed….

Photo: Ha!  We live this tee!  These kids are having the time of their life!  Right?
How cool is that! and man are these guys fast! You go on sing up, design your shirt, its prints in 24 and then ships to you. We got ours in just a couple days!
Want your own instapparel shirt…
Photo: Your response to our launch was INCREDIBLE!  And for that awesomeness, we would like to offer up discount code LAUNCHWEEK as a thank you for helping our little startup get off the ground!  This code gets you $5 off your order, still with free shipping ($3 shipping for our international friends) and gets even more people in on the creativity!  Thank you, thank you, thank you and feel free to share the code with everyone you know!  Code is good through July 1st!
They are also offering free shipping!
go go now and design your super cool shirt!



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