How to put Pinterest to work for you!

I know you all know Pinterest, and i know you all can loose hours upon hours lost in the pinterest world! But how many of you have to put it to work for you? Now i am no expert but two things i hear a lot from friends is how they got lost in pinterest, how impressed they are when they see me make things i’ve seen off there. So i thought maybe some of you are like my friends just pinning away but never actually doing anything and i’m hoping maybe my Pinterest system will work for you.

Ok like i said i’m no pro so my system may be basic or to much work depending on how you like it. but here it is….

First create specific boards for ideas…. So rather then i have a “food” board i have, food: Breakfast, Food: dinner, Food: Dessert, Food:slow Cooker/one pot. I have 11 seperate food boards (9 for ideas and 2 revolving more on that in a sec), 5 for style, 11 homeschool, 7 crafting, 5 kids/baby, 6 party, and several other single topic boards) having specific boards helps you get to what you want when you want it. No looking through a thousand food recipes to find that one dinner recipe you pinned months ago!

Second Create revolving boards…. I have 5 current ones… Currently crafting, This weeks meals, to name a few and then 3 completed boards… Things i’ve cooked, Things i’ve made, and homeschool projects. The way i do it is every week i go through my food boards do our meal plan and move pins from food bards to this weeks meals. Once i’ve cooked them they get moved to things i’ve cooked. i do the same with homeschool and crafting just not as often. This helps me get to the pins i need quickly, and gives me a way to reference back in the future without sorting through hundreds of pins.

Third be practical: Create boards that are useful a board for christmas lists, books you want to read, ideas for your sons first birthday. It’s ok to have a board for all party ideas but be practical and pin things you are actually going to use or fit a specific theme you have in mind. It really cuts back on that overwhelming feeling when you look at the board later and realize you don’t have the knitting skills to knit all those things on your yarn craft related board.

My last tip is not to have pins that aren’t useful. I pin gift ideas, books i want, articles about apps or blogging tips. All kinds of things but if i find a pin i don’t like or one that i don’t need to reference in the future i delete it. That means if i buy the gift the pin gets deleted, if I try a recipe we don’t like i delete it. If i pinned something for the home or an outft and months down the line my taste changes and i decide i don’t like it after all i delete it.

Hope this helps! What tips do you have for getting more use out of your boards on pinterest?

One Comment on “How to put Pinterest to work for you!”

  1. Christine says:

    GREAT ideas!! I am so overwhelmed with Pinterest, it’s not even funny! I love it and i want to use it, but maybe i just needed someone to help me… thanks for this post!!! 😉

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