How to put Pinterest to work for you!

I know you all know Pinterest, and i know you all can loose hours upon hours lost in the pinterest world! But how many of you have to put it to work for you? Now i am no expert but two things i hear a lot from friends is how they got lost in pinterest, how impressed they are when they see me make things i’ve seen off there. So i thought maybe some of you are like my friends just pinning away but never actually doing anything and i’m hoping maybe my Pinterest system will work for you.

Ok like i said i’m no pro so my system may be basic or to much work depending on how you like it. but here it is….

First create specific boards for ideas…. So rather then i have a “food” board i have, food: Breakfast, Food: dinner, Food: Dessert, Food:slow Cooker/one pot. I have 11 seperate food boards (9 for ideas and 2 revolving more on that in a sec), 5 for style, 11 homeschool, 7 crafting, 5 kids/baby, 6 party, and several other single topic boards) having specific boards helps you get to what you want when you want it. No looking through a thousand food recipes to find that one dinner recipe you pinned months ago!

Second Create revolving boards…. I have 5 current ones… Currently crafting, This weeks meals, to name a few and then 3 completed boards… Things i’ve cooked, Things i’ve made, and homeschool projects. The way i do it is every week i go through my food boards do our meal plan and move pins from food bards to this weeks meals. Once i’ve cooked them they get moved to things i’ve cooked. i do the same with homeschool and crafting just not as often. This helps me get to the pins i need quickly, and gives me a way to reference back in the future without sorting through hundreds of pins.

Third be practical: Create boards that are useful a board for christmas lists, books you want to read, ideas for your sons first birthday. It’s ok to have a board for all party ideas but be practical and pin things you are actually going to use or fit a specific theme you have in mind. It really cuts back on that overwhelming feeling when you look at the board later and realize you don’t have the knitting skills to knit all those things on your yarn craft related board.

My last tip is not to have pins that aren’t useful. I pin gift ideas, books i want, articles about apps or blogging tips. All kinds of things but if i find a pin i don’t like or one that i don’t need to reference in the future i delete it. That means if i buy the gift the pin gets deleted, if I try a recipe we don’t like i delete it. If i pinned something for the home or an outft and months down the line my taste changes and i decide i don’t like it after all i delete it.

Hope this helps! What tips do you have for getting more use out of your boards on pinterest?



Do you use Instagram?

I do and i love it! But there are so many other companies and apps that have played off it. I wanted to share two of my favorites! the first is called Instagrid. I love it cause one thing i hate about instagram is there is no way for me to see my pics unless i have posted them to twitter/facebook which i don’t always day. Its so awesome! I love it!!!!

But more than that i love Instapparel!

Here is the shirt my hubby designed….

Photo: Ha!  We live this tee!  These kids are having the time of their life!  Right?
How cool is that! and man are these guys fast! You go on sing up, design your shirt, its prints in 24 and then ships to you. We got ours in just a couple days!
Want your own instapparel shirt…
Photo: Your response to our launch was INCREDIBLE!  And for that awesomeness, we would like to offer up discount code LAUNCHWEEK as a thank you for helping our little startup get off the ground!  This code gets you $5 off your order, still with free shipping ($3 shipping for our international friends) and gets even more people in on the creativity!  Thank you, thank you, thank you and feel free to share the code with everyone you know!  Code is good through July 1st!
They are also offering free shipping!
go go now and design your super cool shirt!


sewing class

I am so excited i’ve decided to start teaching sewing classes. I’m going to be hosting some this summer in Santa Ana at the belly sprout and as soon as i get the details i’ll be sure to share them with you all but until then i’ve hosted one here. We did a beginners sewing class where we stitched up a basic hostess apron.

They turned out so cute! and the girls did a great job!!!!

That brings me to my question what kind of things do you want to learn to sew?



———- UPDATE: For anyone interested in learning to sew the apron above i will be teaching them thursday June 28th @ the belly sprout in Santa Ana, CA —————————-

Pinterest Fun

Have you taken the dive to pinterest yet? I’m pretty sure i’m addicted! I’ve done the french tips using tape like you see above….

DIY workout shirt

I’ve made a new workout shirt…..

.bookmark must make!


and i finished my planner out of an old book…

book repurpose to planner. . . so doing this!!!

Zipper pouches….

Zipper pouch tutorial.

and whipped up a couple maxi skirts…

how to sew a maxi...

I made this yummy tart for a shower…

Lemon Yogurt Icebox Tart

cinnamon sticks….

Cinnamon Sticks - just use pizza dough!

yogurt dips….

Frozen yogurt bites! Drop yogurt off spoon onto wax paper and freeze.  bag them up for a sweet treat

Blueberry Yogurt Bites

yummy strawberries…

Dried (in the oven) strawberries recipe, so chewy and delicious! They taste like candy but are healthy and natural.

a new pulled pork recipe….

pulled pork i made for the hootenanny @Lindy Thomas

Yummy sweets…

Thin Mint Truffles

and did i share my most favorite dish ever? its the one we’ve been giving to all the new moms at church…

stacked roasted vegetable enchiladas

Like i said i may be an addict! What about you?


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Sketchbook project 2012

The day was finally here and my hubby and i headed up to LA for the evening to go view the sketchbooks while they stopped in LA for 2 days on their tour around the US. It was a fun evening and we got to see some really neat sketchbooks! This year they added a component where you could decorate a post card and they would deliver it to another location on their tour.

The art gallery, Iam8bit, that hosted is was pretty cool, they had artist exhibiting at the same time who does sketchs on notebook paper. really neat. You can still check him out his name is Jim Rugg.

If you’d like to participate in next year’s sketchbook project go to the site to sign up.

Well i already got my book so I’m off to start filling it!

I may be a bit indecisive

So for those that follow my blog know that last month i decided to combine the two blogs i write into one place (here at Domestic Days) well i’ve decided not to infact do that. Mostly because my other blog was originally intended to be my place about doulaing and mothering. and So for now i’ve decided to keep them the way they are. But i have decided to clean both up as i usually do this time of year and make some changes. So give me another week and i’ll be back with a lot of recipes, crafts, a lot more homeschooling, sewing, and tutorials to share.

until then to get your creative juices flowing feel free to check me out on Pinterest…..

Sketchbook Project 2012

Last year my hubby participated in the sketchbook project and back in June we got to go to san Francisco to see his sketchbook in a traveling exhibit (Its on permenant exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library). This year we both decided to participated and back in January we submitted our books and we just got word they have been received! There are thousands of books submitted and they are traveling not only the US this year but also a few international spots this year. You can check out the full schedule here. Until then here is a peak at my book, (fair warning, i do not draw therefore do not judge! For me this was more about the experience and what i wanted to express then my actual ability at drawing, but i was inspired to actually draw a few things, they are not pretty nor would i ever try to convince you they were). Every book has a theme mine was I Remember When…..