Sketchbook project 2012

The day was finally here and my hubby and i headed up to LA for the evening to go view the sketchbooks while they stopped in LA for 2 days on their tour around the US. It was a fun evening and we got to see some really neat sketchbooks! This year they added a component where you could decorate a post card and they would deliver it to another location on their tour.

The art gallery, Iam8bit, that hosted is was pretty cool, they had artist exhibiting at the same time who does sketchs on notebook paper. really neat. You can still check him out his name is Jim Rugg.

If you’d like to participate in next year’s sketchbook project go to the site to sign up.

Well i already got my book so I’m off to start filling it!


Sketchbook Project 2012

Last year my hubby participated in the sketchbook project and back in June we got to go to san Francisco to see his sketchbook in a traveling exhibit (Its on permenant exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library). This year we both decided to participated and back in January we submitted our books and we just got word they have been received! There are thousands of books submitted and they are traveling not only the US this year but also a few international spots this year. You can check out the full schedule here. Until then here is a peak at my book, (fair warning, i do not draw therefore do not judge! For me this was more about the experience and what i wanted to express then my actual ability at drawing, but i was inspired to actually draw a few things, they are not pretty nor would i ever try to convince you they were). Every book has a theme mine was I Remember When…..


Coloring Books

My husband is an artist. A graphic artist, painter, and sketch artist. He made these amazing coloring books for our kids for christmas and i just had to show them off. Each page is a letter and a photo to go with it. They are way cool and the kids loved them! Great Job Hubby!

and While they are coloring away he and i will be busy away sketching in our own sketchbooks trying to finish them up before our January 31st deadline for this year’s sketchbook project. Which goes on tour, and this year will be stopping in LA!

Sketchbook Project

I mentioned last week my hubby and I went to san fran for the weekend because he had some work in a gallery and I wanted to share it with you. He participated in the 2011 Sketchbook Project and if that is something that interests you, you can still join the 2012 Project. Each participant is sent a moleskin and gets to do what they wish with it within their selected theme. Ultimately the books are on display at the Brooklyn Art Library, but before making their home there they go on tour around the country. We were really surprised @ the wide range of age, locations, & styles. We looked through some amazing books from artists locally as well as china and australia. With his permission of course here are a few photos of my hubby and his work….

More Patchwork

You’ve seen the vendors and you’ve seen the booth now you probably want What i spent the last month or so working like crazy on. Well here it is, if any of it is of interest to you remember you can find it at my etsy shop. But here it all is….

There were cake stands and Candy dishes….

cake stand

Candy Dish

Vases ad picture frames….

Beaded Vase

Beaded Frameand Chalk board paint…

Beaded Vase

And aprons…

Sunshine Day Apron

and Clothes pins, Binder Clips, and Flower pins…

Clothes pins and binder clips

Clothes pins and binder clips

Flower pin

and of course there were nursing covers and pillowcase dresses….

Nursing Cover

and Lastly there was a hand felted wool soap!

Well that is what i spent the last month or so working on to have enough product.  And that is the end of my patchwork spring event until sunday the 27th that is when i go to the long beach show.

Patchwork Booth

I shared about all the wonderfull vendors at patchwork but i didn’t show off my booth so here it is. As i said i split a booth with my friends at Mustard and white(whose etsy shop is in the works).

We had envisioned a booth that mixed our stuff but in the end it didn’t work out like that. but i did like how it turned out. it was still fun! we had a prime spot in the shade it was so nice!

My half of the booth. The ladder came from a garage sale from the day before (more on that later!) and the fence looking wall in the back my hubby made the night before jsut for me! I had a different plan in mind for hanging my aprons but then my hubby and i realized my dad had a ton of scrap wood so hubby decided at 8pm that he would nail a few pieces together and make our own backdrop piece. i love it! i plan to use it our new home not sure where yet but it will have a special place for when we aren’t at craft shows!

here’s a close up….

To display pricing i used chalkboards, i really liked them. (note they arent real chalkboards they are frames with chalkboard painted paper on the inside.)

I also used Chalkboard pain covered hangers which i made myself! i love them!!

and for good measure here is a close up of the rest of my set-up…

And Mustard and white….

What a fun day it was!


On Sunday my friend Beth (whos etsy shop is not yet open) and I split at booth at a local indie arts and crafts festival Called patchwork. It is twice a year in Santa Ana plus they have a show in Long beach. It is put on by our local Green store “The Road Less Traveled” It is a great store! The santa Ana show had over 75 vendors including Harvey’s seat belt bags.

My favorite was a little booth called “its potato time” they had the cutest bag for holding clothes pins and a scissor holder i adored. in fact i loved it so much so my hubby talked to teh girl about doing a custom one for me in my colors and iwth an owl on the front. I wish the girl had an etsy shop but no such luck 😦 It was a super cute shop though!

My friend Michele was there she had her reusable bags! I am so excited to use mine. she has some great fabric selections and they are really well made. (and i’m not just saying that cause she is my friend i’m saying that cause they truly look pro!) so check out her shop… Bs Bags

This lady had some super cute earings that i fell in love with! maybe a future anniversary gift (hint to hubby!). My hubby did however get for me a cute felt headband from this girl, who is super sweet and actually remembered me from past events. (I obviously linger at her booth every time, but how can I help it it’s so cute!)

oh and the girl clothes oh me oh my! do i need a girl!!! there as this booth they had the cutest little dress on display. it was navy and orange patterned. and it was so flowy! oh how i need a little girl in my life. and then this lady who is just way to fun!

There were some great booth with hardware, antiques, and DIY kits. including Classic Hardware and Random Nicole who is a must see!!! there was even a local honey lady!

but the booth that topped it of for me was this lovely lady! She was super sweet and i loved her golden book turned notebooks. But more than anything i loved her felt filing cabinet! i tried to find a photo of it on her blog/shop but no such luck. it was so stinking cute. it looked like a library cabinet. you know with all the little drawers. it even had drawers that pulled out! and she had it herself. It wasn’t for sale it was hers, but i loved it so much i would probably considering commissioning one from her.

Overall it was a fun day. Come back tomorrow to check out my booth! and if your in the Long Beach area on June 27th be sure to check out Patchwork Longbeach.