Wool Soap

I love felting wool, its so fun. I’m not the best at it but i get better and better. My goal is still to make a wool checker board for my boys as soon as they are ready to play anyway. I decided this to try my hand at felting around an object (which i will have to do to make the checker pieces). So i decided to make some felted soaps to sell at the Patchwork show back in July, (they are also available in my etsy shop).

I used a dove soap bar, cut into 4s and wrapped it in some wool roving. With each use the wool become tighter and tighter and more and more felted around the soap. They were pretty simple to make but i need to practice more to perfect them as there are some cracks in the roving on a couple.

I have yet to use one but i am excited to soon.


loving this giveaway!

So i’ve been sick since friday so no sewing/crafting for me 😦 but in the meantime while i internet surf from my hospital bed (don’t worry baby and i are well being here is cautionary) i did find this awesome giveaway and oh so cute playhouses!!! check it out… this playhouse is the one in pining over and hoping to win! you can see all the available ones at mrs. pretty’s shop.

Pirate Card Table Playhouse, Personalized, Custom Order, Includes Cool Pirate Messenger Bag

the fit over card tables, or she can do them custom to fit over any table of your desire. she even will do some that are tall enough for the kiddos to stand under, you just have to build the pvc frame. how fun!!! could you not just see your kids playing forever in these! imaginative play at its best!

so now that your in love i bet your wondering where you can win one, well not that i want the competion but i’ll tell you anyway cause its the cutest blog… its called Mary Janes and Galoshes.

so are you loving it?!?!?

updated my etsy shop

I have been working hard and updating and uniforming my blog and etsy shop, while i’m doing that (instead of sewing) i thought i would show off a bit of my shop check it out…. Domesticdays

Pillowcase dressShaving Case

date niteCozy little sleeper

Tissue and Tissue BoxCrinkle Cotton Baby Wrap

Splat mat- customThe You Want it, You Got It Apron


I love etsy, and i often get lost in the gift guides looking at the beautiful things people make that i wish i could afford to buy or was skilled enough to make, tonight here are a few of the lovelys i found.

The Fisherman's Wife Custom Made

Custom Silhouette PrintOwl Letterpress Notecard

Bandeau Birdcage Veil - Bridal or Special Occasion

Tree Necklace

Silver Owl Necklace

Wall Hanging Clock - Cuckoo Clock - Aqua

T is for Thank you Letterpress Greeting Card

summer sewing

while my intentions were great to blog every day and update my etsy shop every day this month i was not so successful. but i was successful in finally taking pictures of waht i have been sewing. well almost everything i still haven’t taken a picture of the dress i sewed back in june that i thought was gonna be a shirt. 🙂 this week i will  as my hubby finally got me leggins to wear under it so i will do that. anyway here is the completed summer sewing projects (plus 1 painting project)….

1) before i went sewing crazy at the end of june i was trying to finish decorating our bedroom we still have a lot to do in the living room but the giant white wall in the bedroom was jsut annoying me so i had to fill it. we had these painting my husband had done for me when we first start dating, they were put together in a square pattern as a head board above my bed at the time, in our last home the hung at the top of the stairs here they got put in the closet. i love them but they jsut didn’t go anymore so i decided to liven them up. i took some orange paint to match the material i bought for our bedroom and added some accents and then hung them on the wall. i was pretty happy with them and my husband liked that they became a collaberation.DSC_0067 by you.

DSC_0069 by you.DSC_0070 by you.

2) i sewed my pillowcase skirt (as you may remember me mentioning during the sling and swaddle journey in june) well i finally finshed the embroidery on it and took the pictures! i am excited to wear it i haven’t done so yet.

DSC_0219 by you.DSC_0225 by you.

3) i feel in love with a searsucker top i saw on http://www.thimblythings.com/2009/06/04/summer-wardrobe-revamp-red-seersucker-top/

it is super cute and my mom is always saying how much she loves searsucker so i thought what the heck i’ll try it! so i went to the store and got some searsucker. that same day i went to the indi craft fair at tall mouse and fell in love with this bias tape


so i decided they would go great together. i don’t remember the pattern number at the moment that i used hmm i will have to look it up i know its in the sleeping baby’s room right now. but anyway it turned out super cute. and was way easy. it calls for some buttons on the pattern but i decided anchors would be cute to match the bias tape so i am working on traking some down. i’ll take suggestions of where to go if anyone has any.DSC_0065 by you.DSC_0072 by you.


The next night i decided i needed some blue pants to go with the top and since i have had this navy linen for probably close to a year sitting in the closet waiting to be sewn into pants i thought what the heck. it ended up being a super quick project, but i am sorry to say i forgot to take a picture of them 😦 but i can tell you i used the easy yoga pant pattern from the “Sew everything workshop” book. but instead of using a drawstring i subbed for an elastic waste band.

3) becuase i bought 2 yards of the searsucker i decided to go ahead and attempt the shirt i fell in love with and i jsut happen to have the same pattern she used. 🙂  Simplicty 2922 i cut out all the peaces for the short sleeved tunic top ( i used the same pattern last summer for a tank top) but i made a mistake when i cut the neck line and didn’t cut the back for a zipper so i ended up altering the pattern a little but it still turned out super cute! and i am in love with it. 

DSC_0218 by you.

after a few alterations to the neck line and washing it agian it seems to lay a lot better than this initial picture. i am thinking still that i am gonna add buttons but we’ll see i am not 100% on that although i do think it needs something maybe. (like i said the picture doesn’t entirely do it justice)

4) the last major project of the summer was to sew some wraps. a twitter freind sent me a tutorial last month and i decided i wanted to try it. so i got the material and did up two. they turned out pretty good so i decided to make one a little longe for myself and give the other 2 away ( i get 2 per 1 material cut). i still have one more to sew and that one i am probably gonna post and sell in my etsy shop http://www.domesticdays.etsy.comDSC_0142 by you.

DSC_0143 by you.



DSC_0174 by you.DSC_0177 by you.

DSC_0179 by you.

While i was at it i through in a business card holder with a scrap of the accent fabric!DSC_0089 by you.

well those are my completed projects thus far. still to come…..

2 more pillow case skirts for me, 1 more dress and 1 tunic out of the dress pattern i mistook for a shirt in june, a pair of shorts, and i’m gonna finish my vintage dress i inteded to wear for easter. 🙂 i have a ton of other stuff coming to but those are the ones that are first in the que and ready to go. my goal is by the end of august to have sewn up all the projects i currently have material for. wish me luck! and keep checking in to see what i’ve been doing.

Splat Mat/ outdoor blanket

weekend before this past one my mom and i decided to try our hand at making splat mats. we had seen some for sale for ridiculous amounts of money and figured what the heck we have some fabric at home all we need is some oilcloth.  so we headed to our fabric local different fabric store and bought 2 yards of oilcloth so we could make two mats. we made each mat a different way the first we altered the snuggle blanket pattern from Amy butler’s little stitches for little ones and the second was a free hand pattern my husband uses to sew blankets for the babys in our lives. so here are the 2 different instrunctions….

Supplies for both ways:

1 yard of oilcloth

1 yard of fabric 

1 yard of batting (optional)

instrunctions 1:

1) cut a 37inch by 37inch square out of your oil cloth, trim yard of fabric to match.

2) with excess oilcloth cut it lengh wise into 4 even strips (should be aprox 2.5 inches wide)

DSC_0028 by you.

3) take 2 of those strips and cut 3 inches off the top. leaving you with 2 strips 37inches by 2.5 inches and 2 strips at 34 inches by 2.5 inches

4) take your two shorter strips and pin them to fabric rights sides together 1.5 inches from fabrics edge. you will need to center the strip to the center of the fabric

5) sticth along outer edge of oilcloth

6) open and press (oil cloth is hard to press we used our fingers and a light iron, the idea is for it to fold back and stay there)

7) going to repeat steps 4-6 with the long strips. (these will overlap the presed open short strips)

DSC_0033 by you.

8) at this point if you are using bating you could add it here

9) attach front to back panel. you will match them up right sides together and stich around leaving an 8inch opening to pull the finished mat through.

10) pull mat through opening, fold in rouch edge and stich all around to seal.


Instrunctions 2:

1) trim fabric into a 34inch by 34inch square. 

2) stich fabric to batting

3) trim oilcloth to a 37 inc by 37 inch square

4) center fabric/bating onto oil cloth wrong sides together

DSC_0035 by you.

5) fold edge of oil cloth over rough edge of heming in oil cloth’s rough edge.

DSC_0037 by you.

6) stich all the way around the inner edge of the oil cloth

mats are now complete!DSC_0041 by you.

and one more picture jsut cause he looks so darn cute sitting on his….

DSC_0042 by you.

enjoy sewing!  would love to see how yours turn out.

Domestic July

a year ago i opened up an etsy shop, i started out strong with posting items to it and promoting it but as Harvey’s birth neared i got distracted and for the last 6 months have done nothing with it. then  i got an idea from http://www.plaidponyvintage.com/ to post something everyday to my shop….so in an effort to get it up and going i have decided that July is gonna be domestic month in my house. that means all things domestic all the time! 🙂 i have committed to adding item to my etsy shop each day, blogging each day about my current project, and spending at least 1 hour a day on crafting or do something domestic project. i hope that you will check out my blog and my shop ( http://www.etsy.domesticdays.com ) and keep on the domesticness of the Williams’ house.

To start off the month i want to share a bit of what i have been working on and what i plan to work on….

last month i made a pillowcase skirt using a pillowcase i have finished it and as soon as i do i will post pictures here on the blog ( the skirt is done but i’m embroidering it). it inspired me though to make my own pillowcase and turn it into a skirt out of fabric i love! this is what i ended up with..DSC_0011

it took a little adjusting at first cause i made the pillowcase a little wider than a standard one so it would be more flowy, but i love it!!

Also last month it was my friend Alysia’s birthday so i decided to make her a cake stand like i had made before for myself. so i went and got the stuff, the dish that i decided to use was a set of 4 salad plats and 4 saucers so i decided to try the cupcake stand, it turned out super cute, and we gave it to her with a sprinkles cupcake on top; ty was suppose to take a picture but forgot 😦  

i decided to use one of the salad plates to make a bigger stand and put it in my etsy shop for sale. i love it it turned out super cute and i am excited that i still have 6 more plates to match up with cups, ohh the possibilities 🙂

DSC_0020 by you.

also because i bought 2 yards of fabric (it was only 2dollars a yard) and the skirt only took like 3/4 yards i decided to use some of the rest to make some girls pillowcase dresses. i made one for a friend who is due any day and another to sell in my etsy shop. i followed my previous pattern only i made the pillowcase myself with the fabric scrap i had.DSC_0026 by you.

i have also already in the month of july made a shirt for myself and a pair of pants that i have been wanting to make for months. i also completed a dress that i intended to be a shirt but didn’t realize the pattern was one that could be dress or tunic. and my mom and i also made some awesome splat mats that i am in love with!!! so be sure to check out my blog over the next few days to see how these projects turned out.

during the month of july i have on my schedule to complete one more sear sucker shirt, another summer dress, a striped top (more fabric that i have had for months), a pair of shorts, some felt roses, a felt checkers board i fell in love with (felting will be a new craft for me so it should be interesting) and a girls and adults dress out of men’s dress shirts. i also hope to finish getting my garden up and running and get some baking done i miss my kitchen and i’m sure my mixer misses me.

well stay tuned for domestic july in the williams’ house and please share with me if this has inspired you to do anything domestic this month!DSC_0022 by you.